Cosmetic Dentistry In Zanesville Ohio. Dr. Watiker has the knowledge and experience to help.

cosmeticFirst impressions last a lifetime.  Thanks to the help of Watiker Dentistry, you can correct dental issues that may have impacted your self confidence for years.  Do you have unattractive, decayed, darkened, cracked, chipped teeth? Are your teeth unaligned with unattractive spaces between them or biting issues?  Dr. Watiker and his staff have mastered reconstructive techniques designed to enhance your smile and regain the self confidence.

cosmeticDr. Watiker brings years of practice knowledge to your chair and continually upgrades his credentials and knowledge level.  You are in great hands at the Watiker practice.  Remember, your smile speaks before you speak!  With the help of cosmetic dentistry you can correct issues that may have hindered your self-confidence. Unfortunately Impressions do form fast. Thanks to the scientific advancements of cosmetic dentistry, even major dental problems can be conquered. Dr. Watiker has mastered the reconstructive techniques to enhance your smile and empower you. Dr. Watiker has enhanced and revitalized hundreds of smiles.

Cosmetic Dental treatments consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Teeth Whitening can enhancing the color or shade of teeth
  • Align the spacing in-between the teeth
  • Size and shape the unbalanced teeth
  • Fill in unappealing spaces between teeth
  • Aligning and correct under or over bites
  • Replace and/or repair missing, cracked, chipped and broken teeth
  • Upgrading lead or gold crowns with more attractive implants
  • Remember, your smile speaks before you speak!

cosmeticThere has been spectacular improvement in cosmetic dentistry. Having a beautiful smile enhances your appearance and allows you to smile with confidence. With the advancement in cosmetic dentistry, we can improve your smile with quick and painless treatments.

Here are a few of the cosmetic dentistry options that Dr. Watiker offers: porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, and implant dentistry. Dr Watiker stays up to date on the latest procedures and technology. He takes pride in bringing the best dentistry possible to his patients. These two aspects, combined with love for what he does, sets his practice apart from the rest.

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