Orthodontic Dentistry In Zanesville Ohio, Dr. Watiker has the knowledge and experience to help.

orthondoticsWelcome to our Zanesville, Ohio, orthodontic practice! Our goal is to build confidence through orthodontic treatment for children, teens, and adults. We focus on using the most leading-edge practices and techniques in the dental industry. For most children and adults, attaining a beautiful smile is the reason for getting orthodontic care. If you are self-conscious about your smile, braces will greatly improve the way you look and feel.  After your treatment you will have the smile you dreamed of and the confidence to show it!  Our dental practice in Zanesville is dedicated to making sure that you receive the quality care you deserve.

Dr. Watiker has been serving the Zanesville community for over 20 years. Raymond D. Watiker, D.D.S. is a compassionate dentist whose top priority is to maximize dental health while keeping you comfortable. He is best described as experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable, he treats all patients as he would his own family. Dr. Watiker is a member of the American Dental Association & Muskingum Valley Dental Society.

Below is more Information for Orthodontic Treatment.

Orthodontic applications are made of metal, ceramic or plastic. These can be removable or bonded to your teeth. The braces work by placing a gentle force in a controlled direction.  The treatment is to slowly move your existing teeth to the proper position that results into a beautiful smile.

You no longer have to settle for metal bands with brackets placed around each tooth. You now have the choice of clear, colored or metal brackets. The wires that we use today are less noticeable, and are designed to move teeth faster with more comfort. With today’s advancement in orthodontics it is never too late to have a beautiful smile.  Before beginning your orthodontic care, Dr. Watiker will discuss all of your options and a time line for your orthodontic treatment.

Here are a couple of choices for cosmetic braces.

Invisalign uses a series of invisible aligners to straighten your teeth. No one can see that you are wearing braces because they're invisible! The aligners are invisible and removable.  You can eat and drink what you want while using these.  Brushing and flossing become a lot easier. The aligners are comfortable and cause less mouth abrasions during treatment. Please call us to learn more.

orthondoticsLingual Braces
Lingual braces are anchored behind the teeth.  These make them invisible when you smile. Lingual braces are tailored to match the shape of your teeth.  The application is created exclusively for you. Lingual braces are a very reasonable option for someone with an active lifestyle.

Our dental practice dedicates itself on treating each patient as an individual. We look at your mouth from a conventional point of view.  Dr. Watiker will never treat you for a procedure you do not need. Our main objective is to give you the smile you deserve in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

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